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We passionately work to create optimal user experiences (UX), designing toward goal achievement, and taking care for each of the aspects that result in a successful project.

We work with Laravel, AWS, Vue and React among other technologies.

And we apply user-centered design techniques to create effective solutions for any kind of user's devices.

What's a Web App?

We design and build


operating in the cloud

  • Facilitating colaborative work.

  • With effective support.

  • Always updated.

We have extensive experience in…

  • Design and development of web applications with Laravel
  • Administrative enterprise applications
  • Custom development of websites with WordPress
  • Logo design and corporate identity
  • Online stores with WooCommerce
  • E-learning and educational innovation
  • Multi-device interactive content and animations
  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA)
  • Amazon Web Services and other cloud services
  • And we are always open to taking on new challenges
Knotion, UNOi, Santillana, Real Calidornia Milk
  • 2004

  • Ahora

About Us

  • HabitatWeb was founded in 2004 by Rodrigo Mejía, in Mexico City, as a web development studio with the mission of always finding the exact balance between the aesthetic and the functional. From those early years we began to build lasting relationships with satisfied customers.

  • Since 2011 we have specialized in the development of web applications for the business sector, regularly working with the Laravel framework and Amazon Cloud Services.

  • Simultaneously, we also continue to enjoy designing and building websites, mainly with WordPress, as well as other highly visual and interactive projects, constantly updating ourselves on trends and methodologies.

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